Standing Up For Rural Ireland

Sinn Féin has a vision for rural Ireland. A vision to make it a sustainable place to live and to work. A place where the quality of life is matched by the quality of public services.

A place where young educated graduates have the opportunity to stay and build their future and a place that welcomes back emigrants forced to leave over recent years.


People in rural Ireland are sick of being treated as second class citizens, fed up with underinvestment and angry at the lack of jobs and opportunity. It’s time for change.

While historically, underinvestment and neglect are among the main
reasons for the current imbalance, government policy continues to prioritise urban centres on the east coast.

Sinn Féin Would:

  • Regenerate rural towns with a commitment to keep open post offices, libraries, garda stations and other services; and producing policies for addressing business rates and vacant commercial buildings.
  • Prioritise roll out of high speed speed broadband in rural areas that have the poorest levels of access.
  • Tackle depopulation with a rural resettlement and returning diaspora programme.
  • Rural proof all our jobs and social policies to ensure human resources, and financial and physical investment are evenly distributed throughout the State.
  • Fight in Europe for all rural industries and campaign for increases in fishing, sugar and other quotas.
  • Bring forward a charter of rights for our islands.
  • Protect the provision of public transport for rural areas.