Opposing Tory Cuts

In the north of Ireland, Sinn Fein blocked the Welfare Bill and the cuts that the Tories demanded we impose on the most vulnerable.

The response from the Tories has been as predictable as it has been reckless. Their ideological attachment to their Thatcherite agenda is such that they are willing to jeopardise the very future of the power-sharing institutions of the Good Friday agreement in order to pursue it.


Those institutions - which have underpinned the peace process for almost two decades - are now on endangered because of Tory recklessness.

It would seem that, unless we acquiesce to their demands to target the most vulnerable and decimate public services, they are prepared to see the power-sharing administration collapse. 

But we will not allow the institutions – or our party – to become a proxy for a disastrous and counter-productive agenda.

There is an alternative.

The alternative is investment and growth, equality and prosperity, the safety net and the helping hand.

In the context of Ireland, the alternative is also in unity of the island. It is ludicrous at any time – but particularly at a time of economic crisis – for an island with a population of just 6 million people to have two economies developing back to back.

Two health systems, two education systems, two public sectors and all the duplication and waste that goes with that. 

Sinn Féin is for equality and fairness, for prosperity and social justice across every aspect of life.

Sinn Féin will continue to defend the rights and entitlements of all minorities. We will continue to stand up for the most vulnerable in our society and demand and deliver a better future for our children.

We want to work constructively as part of a progressive alliance to achieve that.