A Republic for all


As we approach the 100th anniversary of the Rising, support for republican ideals is growing. People are hungry for real change. The Easter Rising is the defining event and the Proclamation of the Republic is the defining document in the history of Irish Republicanism. Our task is to apply it’s principles to the Ireland of today and to achieve the united Ireland of Equals promised in the Proclamation.


Sinn Féin is seeking a new, agreed and united Ireland. We want to build a just, fair and equal Ireland, an economically prosperous and socially and culturally inclusive Ireland. We want to protect our most vulnerable, the elderly, children, the ill, the ethnic minorities, those with disabilities – and ensure that equality is the touchstone upon which all policies are formulated.

The republican vision of a united Ireland is based on the principles of equality, inclusion and sovereignty. There can be no place for sectarianism, exclusion or discrimination.

Sinn Féin Would:

  • Continue to campaign for an island-wide referendum on Irish unity - allow the people to have their say.
  • Build upon the work of the all-Ireland Ministerial Council.
  • Campaign for Northern representation in the Dáil – northern MPs should be automatically accorded membership of the Dáil with consultative and speaking rights.
  • Extend voting rights for Presidential elections to people in the North and the Irish Diaspora.
  • Develop the all-Ireland economy, including having a planned approach to economic development across the island of Ireland, one tax system and currency, integrating infrastructural development and creating a Border Economic Development Zone to harmonise trade and maximise returns for border businesses.
  • Campaign for a Bill of Rights for all Citizens and an all-Ireland charter of fundamental rights.
  • Promote the Irish language and culture.
  • Equality proof legislation before it is produced.
  • Continue to advance a process of reconciliation.