Sinn Féin has fought to protect Donegal from Brexit- Matt Carthy MEP

During his campaign visit to Donegal on Saturday, Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy said that he was standing in this election on his track record over the course of the past term. 
He said: “It was Sinn Féin’s presence and efforts in the European Parliament that put Ireland, and particularly, Donegal and the border region, at the heart of the Brexit process.
The threat of Brexit remains and so too does the need for an all-Ireland republican voice fighting Ireland in the EU”.
“I have been proud to represent Donegal and I have ensured that I was a regular visitor to the county, unlike other MEPs, and have raised the concerns and sought the solutions necessary for the people of Donegal.
“I am asking the voters of Donegal to allow me to continue fighting for Ireland, for our rural communities, fishers and farmers and to allow me to keep standing against the free rein of the banks and vultures. We can deliver a better, fairer, united Ireland in a radically reformed EU but we need the support of the people of Donegal to do so.”