Carbon Tax Proposals would Adversely Affect Donegal - Brian Carr

Sinn Féin local election Candidate Brian Carr has said that the support being shown by Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil, Labour and the Green Party to impose a carbon tax hike shows how ‘out of touch’ many of the major parties are with ordinary families struggling with the cost of living.


Describing the proposals as ‘ill judged’, the Glenties based activist said that the measure would adversely affect more rural communities, including counties such as Donegal.
Carr said:

 “While families are struggling financially owing to the rising cost of living, this proposal to introduce a hike in the carbon tax would only serve to push families further below the poverty line.

“In fact, according to research published by the CSO only this week, families in Donegal have the lowest levels of disposable income in the state with an average of €15,892.

“While Sinn Féin acknowledges and understands that climate change is one of the biggest issues facing society today, the evidence shows us that carbon taxes have simply failed to achieve behavioural change.

“The truth is that a hike to the tax will hit those living in rural areas the hardest because of a lack of viable alternatives such as poor public transport options. This is particularly the case in rural parts of Donegal where the car remains people’s only mode of transport.
“This is simply a regressive consumption tax that will disproportionately harm those on lower incomes and while the major parties may believe that ordinary working families should shoulder the burden, we in Sinn Féin hold that a fairer way is possible. 
“Clearly, unless government puts in place measures to give families the alternatives such as major new investment in public transport, for example, increased carbon taxes will not change behaviour.

“This is why Sinn Féin opposes this punitive measure and I think there is an onus now on politicians who back this unfair increase to explain themselves because the way to fight climate change is not by penalizing ordinary workers and families.”