Cllr Albert Doherty welcomes visit of Western Regional Manager of the Courts Service.

Cllr Albert Doherty has welcomed the impending visit to County Donegal of the Western Regional Manager of the courts service and particularly Mr.Mc Donald' s intention to visit Carndonagh,engage with local solicitors , respond on alternative court locations and the return of court sittings to the Carndonagh Courthouse. 

It is a priority requirement for local legal services and the local business sector to have court sittings returned to the Carndonagh Courthouse. The nature and extent of  the repairs and refurbishment required at the courthouse  must be established and works expedited at the earliest opportunity. The OPW must ensure commitment and completion of the works and allow court business to return to the convenient and central location that is Carndonagh.

It is incumbent also,on the public representatives to prioritise and support the restoration works at the courthouse. I am confident that this message will be relayed to the regional manager of the Western courts service by all the solicitors in Carndonagh and its environs.

"The early return of District Court services to Carndonagh Courthouse must remain a priority for all local stakeholders and the local community in North Inishowen "Cllr Doherty concluded.