CCTV footage of a scary, near-miss road accident confirms the danger- Terry Crossan

Sinn Féin local election candidate Terry Crossan has called on Donegal County Council and the Donegal National Road Design Office (NRDO) to re-examine the speed limits and traffic enforcement in both the villages of Muff and Quigley’s Point in conjunction with local gardaí.


He was speaking after witnessing CCTV footage of a scary, near-miss road accident in the villlage of Muff.


He said:


“The village of Muff witnessed a near-devastating road traffic accident this morning.

A car slowed up and indicated to turn right into the Texaco station. While the car was stationary waiting on oncoming traffic to pass, a large HGV lorry which was clearly travelling too fast, could not get stopped in time to avoid a rear end impact and had to swerve left towards the footpath.


Luckily there were no pedestrians using the footpath at that particular time but it is used frequently by mothers with prams and toddlers as there are two local crèches in the immediate vicinity” 


“Speed through the village is presenting an increasing danger to the public and will only improve whenever the speed limits are reviewed and enforced. 


Speed limits should also be reviewed in the vicinity of the play park on the outskirts of Muff and also at Quigley’s Point where there is a major traffic junction and the newly opened Point Inn as well as the village shop and a caravan park 


Both I and my colleagues, Jack Murray and Pádraig Mac Lochlainn have received complaints about these issues and we understand that the Donegal NRDO are to review all of this. This is vital and I will be working for this review as soon as possible and actions to follow”.